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2020 Loyalty Barometer Report

What Consumers Think of Loyalty & Rewards Programs

The loyalty landscape continues to transform; while some ideas have remained constant, others have evolved. Loyalty programs can be found everywhere these days, and marketers know all too well that the proliferation of these programs makes it difficult to break through the noise and capture consumer attention. To truly stand out from the crowd, brands must go beyond the transaction and create enhanced experiences and engagement opportunities across the entire customer journey.

Key findings for 2020: 

  • Reward utility is critical
  • Gamification and engagement are must-haves
  • Rewards experiences should be personalized
  • Thank you and surprises drive emotional connections

This annual report highlights what you need to know for 2020 to ensure your loyalty and rewards strategies are not only current but remain relevant and impactful.

2020 Loyalty Barometer Report