SweeTARTS Just Got Sweeter with HelloWorld

This week, to celebrate the launch of its new SweeTARTS gummies, Nestlé is inviting consumers to show off their passions for a chance to win $10,000 or over a hundred sweepstakes prizes, including $75 gift codes from Best Buy, Amazon, and Visa Prepaid Rewards.
Consumers can answer questions about their interests using only gummy shape pieces in an effort to win daily prizes, which include game consoles, guitars, cameras, rocket ships, and more. Responses can then be uploaded via social media using the hashtag #ShareYourPassionSweepstakes or mobile SMS. An online engagement hub, powered by HelloWorld, will also be available for consumers to upload their images, featuring a gallery of submissions as well as themed mini-games.
Benjamin Jones, Marketing Associate at SweeTARTS, believes, “the campaign not only drives awareness for SweeTARTS’ latest offerings, but celebrates the unique passions of its audiences.”
In a highly competitive market, customer experience is paramount to the success of any brand within the industry. Personalized giveaways such as the “Share Your Passion Sweepstakes,” brings the SweeTARTS brand closer to its consumers while rewarding the most loyal of customers.
“Spanning multiple engagement channels and featuring a wide variety of pastimes, the sweepstakes’ customer experience empowers participants to engage with SweeTARTS according to their specific preferences. Customers can access the sweepstakes through social media using the hashtag #ShapeYourPassionSweepstakes or through mobile SMS, and can learn more both on the campaign’s microsite and in-store displays. By offering a flexible customer experience, this personalized, multichannel campaign reflects SweeTARTS’ understanding of how important it is to offer variety and meet consumers on their preferred platforms, especially in an oversaturated market.”
The emotional connection of the contest with the passions and hobbies of its consumers is a unique new flavor on personalized brand giveaways.
“SweeTARTS’ fruity and sour flavored gummies feature shapes that span sports, photography, music, science, travel, gaming, and beyond, celebrating those who engage in these activities and encouraging them to follow their dreams. The sweepstakes itself taps into consumers’ creative side by asking them about these specific hobbies and stimulating them to embrace what inspires them.”
With the market continuing to shift toward a more personalized, emotional connection with brands, transactional incentive-based loyalty such as discounts is not nearly enough anymore.
“As consumers continue to crave deeper brand relationships and loyalty interactions become less transactional, emotional loyalty has taken on a new degree of importance. This type of loyalty in which consumers prioritize the brands they feel a personal connection to, regardless of cost-effectiveness or convenience, requires brands to reach beyond traditional, discount-oriented models. SweeTARTS’ ‘Shape Your Passion Sweepstakes’ does just this by putting consumer interests and ideals at the heart of the campaign, fostering a more personal connection with candy lovers. Ultimately, SweeTARTS understands that, in order to get consumers to care about your brand, you must show consumers that the feelings are mutual and your brand cares about them too, a fundamental tenet of emotional loyalty.”

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Published On
Thursday, April 19, 2018