Spider-Man musical spins mobile reservations strategy to drive ticket sales

The Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is making it easier for fans to reserve tickets via their mobile devices and help drive advanced ticket sales at the same time.

The mobile reservation system enables users to reserve seats for upcoming performances without requiring a credit card. In place for a month, initial results show that 59.5 percent of those who reserve tickets complete their purchase.

“Attending a live event requires the juggling of many variables especially for a show with a wide family appeal like Spider-Man,” said Peter Yagecic, director of technology at Situation Interactive, New York.

“The shopper needs to sort through pricing, who they want to bring with them, where does everyone want to sit and what they will do before and after the show – just to name a few,” he said. “Anything a show can do to make that easier is in everyone’s interest.

“Allowing shoppers to make un-paid reservations gives them the security of mind that they have seats and allows them to focus on the other variables before handling over their credit card number.”

Boosting advance ticket sales
The mobile reservation system was created for the Spider-Man musical by interactive agency Situation Interactive and digital engagement solutions provider ePrize. It is available by visiting http://spidermanonbroadway.marvel.com/ from a smartphone or texting SPIDEY to 30364.

Non-paid reservations are common in many areas of live entertainment but, until now, have only been possible on Broadway for recognized Group Sales agents.

With mobile users increasingly comfortable making purchases via their smartphones, the mobile reservation system is designed to encourage mobile purchases for Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark, a musical based on the popular Spider-Man comic book, TV and movie franchise.

The mobile reservations system also addresses the industry-wide trend of decreasing advance ticket sales.

Connecting with mobile users
To make a reservation, users visit the mobile site, where they see a page asking them if they would like to make a reservation.

After clicking “make a reservation,” users are taken to a form where they can input their name, mobile phone number, party size, performance date and preferred seating section.

Users receive an SMS message asking them to confirm their reservation. Once the user responds “yes,” the reservation is in the system and the box office staff at the Foxwoods Theatre receives an alert.

Users receive reminder text messages three days before, the day before and the day of their performance, prompting them to lock in their seats by purchasing right away. Users also have the option of paying for their seats up to one hour before the performance.

“Until recently when you thought Broadway tickets, you didn’t think mobile,” said David Wachs, senior vice president of mobile at ePrize, Pleasant Ridge, MI. “But over the next year or so we expect to really see mobile take off in terms of Broadway ticketing.

“Across the theater industry in general, advance ticket sales are down,” he said. “Engaging with consumers and leveraging mobile ticket reservations is a foolproof way to help alleviate that problem.

“Mobile can play a role in not only boosting advance ticket sales, but allowing productions to connect with their mobile consumer and potentially even reach a new audience via mobile.”

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Published On
Thursday, April 4, 2013