Engagement Tactics That Work For Brands

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When marketers reach out to us they’ve got three common objectives in mind: data acquisition, brand engagement, and product education. With 16+ years of experience we’ve learned what kinds of tactics will help our clients meet their goals with excellent results. Last week we looked at promotional tactics for data acquisition and this week we’re looking at tactics to drive brand engagement.

Brand engagement is a vital element of any marketing strategy but creating meaningful branded content that adds value to your consumers’ lives can be an overwhelming prospect. Of course the effort is worth it, brands who engage with their customers are far better positioned for long-term success with customer loyalty and word of mouth marketing, but what kind of content will get your consumers’ attention and how do you start the conversation?


Elements of gamification are an excellent way to drive consumer engagement. Incorporating your own brand assets and messaging into a video game experience gives your consumers a compelling reason to pay attention.

When games are part of your promotion your consumers not only see your brand, they also spend more time engaging. In fact, on average consumers spend 2-3 minutes interacting with a brand through engagement based promotional experiences. Playing a video game invites competition which also makes the Advergame an amazing viral marketing tool.

Download our Getting Started With Gamification eBook to learn more about using gaming principals to build loyalty.


User-generated content creates communities around your brand making it an excellent tool for brand engagement. When UGC is paired with a photo contest, consumers upload their content to a gallery and after finalist selection and voting phases (done by judges or consumers) a winner is selected.

Consumers like having a chance at their “15 minutes of fame” making the contest viral as they share their entry among their networks. Brands benefit from consumer-supplied content which is considered highly credible to other consumers.

Check out Gap’s very successful Casting Call promotion to see this tactic in play.

Engagement Hub

The engagement hub is a traditional loyalty strategy adapted to a shorter term program. Consumers are incentivized to interact with your website by taking various actions utilizing a non-linear promotion flow.

Consumers create their own experience with your brand by selecting the actions they wish to take. Brands benefit with improved relationships between your brand and the consumer. This tactic also drives engagement between purchases and increases time spent with your brand.

Check out how Scotts Snap Perks created a reason for consumers to engage with their brand.

This is part 2 in our series Using Promotional Tactics To Reach Marketing Goals. Read part 1 in the series,  and join us next week to learn how promotions can drive brand awareness and education.