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2018 HelloWeen Costume Winners

HelloWeen is a centuries-old tradition around these HelloWorld parts, with each team outdoing themselves in creativity year over year. From pop culture references to tried & true classics, it’s all about the presentation, and sometimes even the presentation IS a presentation, with lots of animation, props and acting – who knew!?

And creativity isn’t just for costumes. This year, each team decorated for our annual party with Post-It notes. Lots of amazing artwork. This year’s judges have determined the winners…drum roll, please!

Individual Costume:

1st Place - It’s Raining Men – Stephanie B.
stephanie it's raining men halloween costume

2nd Place - Scott Rogowsky – Jesse F.
Scott Rogowsky – Jesse F. Halloween Costume

3rd Place - The Witch from Room on the Broom – Kimberly F.
Kimberly F. The Witch from Room on the Broom Halloween Costume

Small Group

1st Place - Back to the Future – Ryan D. and Justin D.
Dupont brothers back to the future halloween costume

2nd Place - Pulp Fiction – Ellen L. & Meagan K.
 Pulp Fiction Halloween Costume – Ellen L. & Meagan K.

3rd Place - Netflix & Kill – Talent Team
Talent team halloween costume, netflix and kill

Large Group:

1st Place - Workstream Pacman – Strategy Team
Workstream Pacman – Strategy Team



2nd Place - The Peanuts Gang – Winner Experience Team
The Peanuts Gang Halloween costume

3rd Place - The Wizard of Oz – Senior Leadership Team
The Wizard of Oz Halloween costume

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Published On
Friday, October 26, 2018