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Why So... Viral?

screenshot of dark knight website

On the night of Thursday, July 17, myself and other ePrizers counted down the remaining minutes until the Midnight showing of The Dark Night. We had bought tickets a week in advance. This was no longer just a movie, it was an event. In a theater packed with sleepy-eyed patrons, the conversational buzz bounced from the movie itself, to a marketing campaign.

The biggest movie of the year not only had a win at the box office, but also online. Since its official launch during the 2007 Comic Con, www.whysoserious.com became a viral marketing superstar by sending fans on a real life scavenger hunt that culminated in free IMAX screenings. With any new product there is a certain degree of "media noise" the general public subconsciously filters. People are smart, and realize everything cannot be the "biggest" and "best." There has to be another way to reach your consumer.

Enter Viral Marketing. Viral Marketing feeds off of public intelligence by allowing its consumers to creatively tell others about a product. An actual online word of mouth. One of the (currently) top rated movies of all time was about to premier and I was listening to four grown adults with Joker face paint talk about a website.

Whysoserious.com had an excellent movie to market, and did so in a creative way. We know you have a kick ass product. Let's get people talking. With, or without, the face paint.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008