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Who We Are

adam.jpg The Internet is evolving from a "giant ball of information," with scattered facts, figures, people, and places, to a refined social personality. Whether you are contacting old friends on a social network, or commenting on the latest CNN.com headline, your offline personality has become your online personality. Just as we wear specific clothes, drive a new car, or style our hair, our online personalities are expressed through social networks, pictures, videos, blogs, and "tweets." Each day at ePrize, I am lucky enough to interact with the knowledge and creativity pouring out of each ePrizer. Yes, we work with 74 of the top 100 brands, and have launched over 4,000 promotions, if you are reading this, you may have an inkling of these facts… But do you really know who we are? We have Grammy Award winners, published authors, accomplished chefs, and world travelers, all working on YOUR promotion. Since a majority of you cannot physically visit us on a whim, I invite you all to "tweet" with me on Twitter, walk the halls of our purple walls on Flickr, and become our friend on Facebook. My favorite professor, Ralph Williams, from The University of Michigan, says "laughter defines the boundaries of community." We are looking forward to you being a part of the laughter. Facebook: Photos, blog updates, videos, and promotions. Twitter: Follow us @ePrize! Flickr:  Photos of ePrizer adventures and events. (Written by: Adam C Valentine)

Published On
Wednesday, June 25, 2008