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"Wherefore Art Thou, iPhone?"

For me, July 11th was the most anticipated day of 2008. Ah yes, after over a year of waiting, my coveted 3g iPhone had finally hit the stores. All my ePrize team members had listened to me verbally pine over the iPhone, ad nauseum. Days, weeks, and even months prior, my devotion to anything Apple/Steve Jobs was building to a crescendo. Luckily, I was not the only one looking forward to this (relatively historical) date. Ironically, myself, and many others, were willing to wait in perceived never ending lines to pay for the privilege to spend even more money. I woke up that Friday as if I won a million dollars (post tax, mind you). It was every man, woman, and child for themselves (metaphorically speaking). Every AT&T and Apple store within Oakland County, Michigan had been logically dissected in order to determine iPhone supply, in proportion to wait time. Unfortunately, none of my team members (or just me) had predicted the "tight" supply of iPhones that day. Whereas many ePrizers acquired the iPhone of their choice on the first try, I was unable to attain an iPhone. Not once. Not twice. But, three times. Am I the only one on Earth that does not have an iPhone? It sure feels like it. Besides my Shakespearean Tragedy-Like scavenger hunt, the iPhone has unlimited potential for any technology company. Everyone from our Software Engineers to our Product Innovation Team is excited about the iPhone and its new features. In a company full of "early adopters," we are elated that mobile computing has become main-stream, and cannot wait to provide our consumers with a more "hands on" experience (pun intended… of course).

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Thursday, July 17, 2008