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A Day in the Life of our CEO Josh Linkner

josh_small.jpg  ePrize is such a unique and fun place to work at, and we have our CEO Josh Linkner to thank for that. Josh is not your average CEO, and never has a typical work day. His schedule is so unique that I thought I would share a day in the life of Josh with you. 6:30AM- Josh wakes up, makes a b-line for the coffee pot 6:40AM- Morning workout routine (elliptical machine while checking his "crackberry") 7:45AM- Takes large handful of vitamins (wonder what’s really in there? We’ll never know!) and eat breakfast with the family. Breaks up fight between Noah (11) and Chloe (9) on what channel to watch on TV 8:30AM- Speed to work while on a conference call (he’s an expert at getting out of speeding tickets) 9:30AM- Speak to new ePrizers about the culture and vision of ePrize (still amped up and drinking a Full Throttle) 11:30AM- Working lunch with our CFO (checks his "crackberry" at least 10 times) 1:00PM- Brainstorming meeting with Product Innovation (call his wife on the way down to check in. "What’s for dinner later?") 2:00PM- Client call. Check in with big brand advertiser on the results of their campaign, talk strategy for next year 2:30PM- Leadership team meeting (planning the future of ePrize while drinking some green tea) 3:30PM- Check email, call his kids and wife to say hi, jam on his guitar, check the stock market (watch blood pressure rise), and read his news feeds from Yahoo!  4:30PM- Marketing meeting (checking his "crackberry" only 4 times) 6:00PM- Start wrapping up the day to head home 7:00PM-12:30am Dinner with the family, play with his kids, jam on his guitar, check his "crackberry", read a business journal or two, and hits the pillow While this is a timeframe of just one day, Josh never has two days that are exactly the same. He loves to read and just finished Steve Jobs' biography. He also tells me he is in desperate need of a 12 step program to help break his "crackberry" addiction. I asked him if he could fly anywhere in the world tomorrow where would that be? "Napa Valley", without a doubt. His favorite restaurant? A greasy pizza joint in Berkely, MI that he’s been going to for 30 years: Sila’s Pizzeria.

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Friday, July 25, 2008